Leaving behind my troubles in mind
Riding forward on the shore
Feeling fine I've never been blind
Rolling the ball more and more

- Feather of Life, 2015 -

July 2015


For a while, Gerhard Behnke is working on new material. All 14 songs will be published later this year on CD and via internet. The working title of the project is “Take Care of You”. After “Stream of Life”, “Back on my Track” and CD-Single “One Man Show” the new project will be the fourth release of Singer-Songwriter Gerhard Behnke from southern Germany. The album completes the collection of autobiographical songs. In addition to “One Man Show”, which was published as a single in 2013, the CD contains “Be A Hero of your Own” and “Feather of Life”. Gerhard Behnke is very excited about the fact, that Didi Buehler (bass) and Haig Alexander (drums) are supporting the recordings.

Stay tuned!


June 2015


Miss Happiness“ and „Back on My Track“ will be published soon in an alternate unplugged version. The songs were recorded at home in the cozy Moonlight Studio – many thanks to Didi, who did the engineering. The songs will be also available as a vinyl single.