Lifetime Stories

„Music is my authentic companion, my soul companion, it's a part of mine.“ Gerhard Behnke has ever been related to music very closely. It's still an intense deal. Since early life, listen to music and play music was a creative experience for him.

The singer-songwriter from the very south of Germany is writing songs for 20 years. His first stay in US in 1995 became a key moment: listening to New England's music he was inspired in writing his first own songs. Hence it was a quick way to publish the songs on a record. In 2001 the CD „Stream of Life“ was released. The songs were recorded by his own band „Peaches in Wonderland“. From the very first, songs like „Summer's End“, „Cloud of Unknowing“ and „Miss Happiness“ had an autobiographical topic.

„Peaches in Wonderland“ emerged to be a major part in the local music scene on both sides of the river Rhine. The original compositions combined timeless folk music with the licks of Rock'n'Roll in a very special way. The guitar sounds of Oliver Dröse became a Peaches' figurehead: they fitted the words of the songs perfectly and gave a remarkable recognition value to the arrangements.


In 2006 the song „This Game“ was published on the sampler „Spielwiese Kornhauskeller“, the Peaches' second album „Back on my Track“ was released in 2009.

The Band appeared at the three day festival „Rock for Nature“ in August 2008. It's the band's highlight of the tour schedule. Joe Cocker, Roger Hodgson and The Scorpions were the headliners.

Since fall 2013 Gerhard Behnke's working on different solo projects. The release of CD-Single „One Man Show“ is a teaser to the new album, which will be out on end of this year. Even so, the new songs will tell again sensitive and personal „Lifetime Stories“. The project's working title is „Take Care of You“.